Al Francesco and Gambling

Al Francesco,also known as Franck Salerno, was a renowned gambler who began his career from Indiana, his hometown by player simple rummy games. He literally won every time and easily made around $5000 every year, although not a huge amount, but good enough compared to other real jobs of that time. In the year 1963, Al Francesco came across the book written by Thorp called "Beat the Dealer" and applied the ten counting system of Thorp in the real life casinos which he visited, however things did not go too well as a result of which he was forced to depart after twenty minutes with a severe headache.

Applying the Counting Systems

Although Thorp's theory was quite hard, Francesco went back home and did some more research and went back to the casinos with the skills of a pro. This eventually showed that the book was successful in teaching a person how to beat almost any dealer, as promised. After 1.5 years he got banned from the casinos and stopped playing for nearly 8 years.

After a couple of years when Francesco mastered his skills of the Lawrence's Advanced Point Counting system, he was back in the casinos playing blackjack. Unfortunately, the casinos went against him again, as a result of which he had to stop playing within a month. However, Francesco was back in 1971 with a team of 7 members; which included 1 big player and 6 counters.

The Big Player

All of the team's members were trained by Francesco regarding the basic strategy along with the advanced point counting system. Once the team was ready, the counters started to play at different tables and then they started counting the bets. If the bet seemed favorable, the big player was signaled to continue with the bet until the bet became unfavorable. Similar to Francesco, the Big Player was a just a wealthy tourists with lady luck on his side. The team ultimately went on to win millions in a matter of certain years. One of the team's members was Ken Uston, who unfortunately revealed this secret to the entire world through his book published in the year 1977 entitled "The Big Player". The publishing of this book meant the death of Francesco's team.

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