Arnold Snyder - Famous Player

Arnold Snyder is a well-known gambler, however, he is mainly known by his literary contributions to the world of blackjack. He is the publisher as well as the editor of the Blackjack forum and had a lot of blackjack based books to his credit. He has a unique style of conveying his message to the reader in a very compelling way.

The Blackjack Forum

"Blackjack Forum" is a quarterly journal mainly targeted towards the professionals in the field of blackjack. Since the year 1981, Snyder has acted as the publisher as well as the editor of this publication. This publication is also available to the online readers and contains something for the players, attorneys and the mathematicians.

This quarterly publication also publishes interviews of some of the renowned personalities in the field of blackjack, specific reviews of the latest development in blackjack based software and books.

Books on Blackjack

Snyder has contributed some awesome books related to blackjack. Some of them are mentioned below for your convenience.

  • Blackjack Formula: This book was first published in the year 1980 and it mainly discussed the way in which the player's edge in the game is affected by the deck penetration. The term "penetration" refers to the degree of depth while dealing the cards and it means the total number of cards which are dealt just before reshuffling. The penetration value is mentioned in terms of a fraction of the total cards. If the amount of the penetration is deeper, the card counter has a greater chance of winning the game. This also has a profound effect on determining the card-counters success statistically.
  • Black Belt of Blackjack: This book was mainly aimed towards new blackjack players; therefore it gave a very detailed step wise instructions which made is easier to read and follow.
  • Blackjack Shuffle Tracker: This book focused on the use of more advanced strategies aimed at helping the player in tracking down the shuffled deck of cards. Learning how to shuffle the cards can give very lucrative profits, although the technique is quite difficult and is best is followed by the professionals.
  • The Big Book for Blackjack: This book was first published in the year 2006 and gives an interesting overview of the historical developments of blackjack. The development of blackjack began as early as the 18th century in France.
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