Blackjack Moves - What Can You Do Playing 21?

Additionally to the traditional Blackjack gambler solutions as Hitting option (take extra card) and Stand option (demand no more cards) all the gamers have the opportunity to benefit of the advantage of additional player options, such as Split, Doubling option and the less frequently used options as Surrendering option and Insurance option. These options give more chances to win even without the Blackjack Natural.


The Splitting pairs option can be chosen if the first 2 cards dealt to the gambler comprise a pair of the same rank. The player then may split the first two cards into two independent, separate hands and get 1 extra card per every hand. This choice requires another bet that is the same as the initial one. And the chances of getting a Blackjack are higher.

Example, lets pretend the first 2 cards given to the player are two 8’s. (Actually this is the most successful example of situation when definitely split, as in other cases the hand would be valued as 16, that means a very great probability of losing if the gambler draws and a low chance of beating the dealer once he decides to stand). The player decides to split and raises the original bet of $5 to $10. The dealer gives one more card to every newly formed hand combination. Pretend that the first combination was dealt an Ace and the other hand combination a 5. The gamer stands on the first hand with the total of soft 19, and hits on another hand combination getting a 10 and busting with 23. For example, the dealer has 17, that signals the gambler wins on the first hand and is the loser with the 2nd hand.  

Doubling option

The Doubling Down permits the gambler to raise his/her bet in case he or she is 100% confident that only 1 more card might make his or her combination harder than that of the croupier. The bet is increased twice, however, some gambling halls permit Doubling Down for less than 2 times. This ability is called Doubling option for less. The option of Doubling Down provides a huge advantage to the gambler as he might gain much more. When the gamer combination is a nine or a 10 or 11 valued hand, it is advised that he doubles down cause there is a high probability of having a winning hand combination a Blackjack Natural with one additional card. 

Surrendering option

The Surrender option although not very widely used has 2 variations. These variants are called Early and Late Surrendering option. Early Surrendering is the choice that lets the player forfeit his or her combination and 1/2 of his or her first wager before the dealer checks his cards for Blackjack Natural. This offers a bigger advantage to the gamer and this is the reason why it is practically not provided. The Late Surrender option, although still seldom seen, lets the gambler forfeit half of his bet and  hand combination only after the dealer has verified his/her cards (it is to be noted that in case the croupier has a Blackjack Natural , no gambler is allowed to Surrender and all the players lose except for those that also have a Blackjack Natural that push).

Surrendering is advised in cases the gambler has a hand with a high probability of busting if he chooses to hit against a dealer high face up card.

Insurance option

Insuring is offered to all the gamers in the event the croupier facing up card is an Ace. In such cases, all the gamblers are offered to insure players’ wagers against the dealer Blackjack Natural. The cost of the wager is usually half of the initial bet and pays out (when the dealer does have a Blackjack Natural) 2-to-1. In such cases, when putting the insurance wager you risk only 0.5 of the initial bet. Nevertheless, the Insurance is considered as a pointless one as just the guru card counters may say when the croupier MIGHT have a Blackjack Natural.

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