Tommy Hyland and His Gambling Career

Tommy Hyland's career as a professional blackjack player began in the year 1978, when he was still in college. He started off by creating a small team which eventually ran successfully for the next 25 years and has since then become the longest-running blackjack team of the world. His team went on to play in the biggest casinos in the United States and Canada as well as the rest of the world.

This team used the best techniques, which were never before used. However, due to these witty strategies Tommy also ended up in the jail besides being banned several times from the casinos. He was also given a death threat by a particular casino owner who had lost to Tommy in a table. This team eventually succeeded in getting millions from the casinos.

About Tommy Hyland

Although Tommy is dreaded by many casinos, he remains a soft-spoken polite gentleman and is dearly loved by all the players and detested by the casino owners. However, when Tommy was interviewed in the year 2001 by Richard Munchkin, he opposed the idea of working in a casino as a full-time profession although he himself made millions this way!

Tommy Hyland became one of first 7 members of the Blackjack Hall of fame, and he deserved this honor due to his skill and attitude to gambling. According to the interview he game in 2002 in Blackjack Forum, he started his career of gambler in 1979, and it all started with reading the book Playing Blackjack as a Business.

As well as many other blackjack players and casino gamblers, he is also known by everyone. His achievements in the field of gambling had great importance, and now they can be placed as an example for all players who just start to play.

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