Peter Griffin - Casino Player

Peter Griffin is a famous blackjack player who is in the Hall of Fame today; he was born in the year 1937. The Griffin's family consisted of Barbara, Allan and Peter. His father was a statistician who worked for an insurance company. The renowned mathematician, Frank Loxley was his grandfather. His grandfather was also taught mathematics in Reed College. Various masterpieces and essential clues in studying the probability behind blackjack was described in his book entitled "A Theory of Blackjack". Unfortunately, Griffin passed away in the year 1998 after suffering from prostate cancer.

Later in life, Peter moved from Pennsylvania to Chicago and then finally to Oregon after which he married Lydia and settled with her in Oregon. He later studied in the State University of Portland and visited a Master's course at Davis. Peter also made significant contributions in through various statistics, calculus and equations since 1965 until his death in the year 1998.

Griffins' Contribution to Blackjack

 Griffins got a hands-on experience of blackjack in the year 1970, when he was doing some research work in Nevada. The results of his researches were also published in the Times of New York. Griffins collected lots of statistics and information in the course of his research through his experiences in Las Vegas. He also compared his findings against the players of Las Vegas and Reno and to find the "average" edge of the players involved in the game.

Probably, the biggest achievement of Griffin was through the publication of his book entitled "Theory of Blackjack" in the year 1978, which served as an ideal guide to all the card counters. Besides being an intelligent statistician, Peter was also an ardent bicycler and an ardent hiker, who loved travelling with his wife Lydia.

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