Slots Glossary - Terms of the Game

Like all parts of the gambling world slots have their own language, most of which common people would not understand.

Slots’ ABC

  • Bank – a line of slots in a casino.
  • Basic machines – machines without advanced design and sounds.
  • Bonus – in many machines there is a special symbol, forming line of which the player will get additional money prize.
  • Call attendant is a person, a casino employee that gives big winners their prizes.
  • Carousel – a number of similar slot machines grouped in one place.
  • Change Person is a casino employee that exchanges money for slot chips, tokens or tickets for slot machines.
  • Coin Hopper is a part of slot machine, which holds the money until the player presses the “cash out” button, and then coin hopper release coins into the coin tray. It also keeps the track on coins inside a slot machine.
  • Coin-in is an amount of coins or money that the player puts to slot machine.
  • Coin Size is an amount of coins/money inside the machine.
  • Double Machines – slot machines which pay double or triple prizes if the player forms special number or symbol combination.
  • Drop bucket is a place where the winnings go after the coin hopper releases them.
  • EGM stands for Electronic Gaming Machine
  • Ghost is a blank place on slot's reel, without any symbols.
  • Handle Slammers – slot cheaters, who finds machine’s handle weaknesses and breaks the machine to take the money.
  • Hit frequency or hit rate refers to how often the machine pays out winnings. Such machines are also called liberal slots.
  • Hot Slots – or loose slots are a slot machine that pays well.
  • Light Wand is an illegal cheating device for slots.
  • Loose slots are slots with most of special winning symbols and which allows players to win more. Tight slots are the opposite slot's type of the loose slots.
  • Max Bet is a maximum bet per one spin.
  • Multi-Line Slot is a slots on which you can bet for more than one payline for one game.
  • Multiple Coin Slot Machines is a slot which requires more than one coin per game.
  • Near Misses –a special term for cases when the reel stops in one half turn from the main jackpot during the game.
  • Onesies are slot players who prefer to play with one coin per spin slot machines.
  • Pay line is a winning line of symbols.
  • Pay table is the chart on the machine that shows the payouts for the symbols on this particular slot machine.
  • Pokies – slot machines in Australia.
  • Progressive jackpot is a jackpot that grows with each new bet.
  • RNG stands for random number generator. It is a chip in slot machines that constantly generates numbers for the machine.
  • Scatter Pay is a special prize. To win it player doesn’t need to line up same symbols. Scatter Pay can also activate bonus levels.
  • Symbols are the pictures on the slot reels.
  • Video slot is a slot machine that has a video screen instead of real reels.
  • Winning Combinations – winning combinations of symbols.
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