Craps Equipment - Stuff that You Need

Craps Dice

There are a lot of different games in casino but craps game is one of the dice game which is exceptional. In this game player uses dice to throw them and get a win. In traditional casinos this dice have serial numbers as well as also monogram marking them. Actually, it is made to avoid any kind of cheat and if played fake dice. Generally, a perfect online craps dice is made by original plastic material which ensure the fairness of game running.

In craps dice acts like a ball in a roulette game. Due to the pair of dice the winner is determined. In some games several pairs of dice are used, and you should keep that in mind and check this information before you start to play.

Craps Table

Craps, as well as any other casino game is played at a certain type of table. The size of the casino craps table is fixed, and it is 165x365cm, and any table at any casino will be of that size. Craps table has a specific layout where all the possible bets are marked (just like in a roulette table). Due to this layout any player, even the beginner, can easily name the type of bet, and dealer will place player’ chips there. In online casino everything is even less complicated, you just choose a certain area with the click of your mouse and choose the number of chips you are ready to place there.

Craps Chips

No matter which casino game you decide to play, chips are always the most important items there. The matter is that chips are functioning as the money, so in order to place a bet you need to have chips. In traditional casinos the procedure of buying chips differs greatly from online casinos. In online casinos it is enough to have money in your account and you can place as many bets as you want, as chips are offered for you all the time. In traditional casino you should buy chips at special chips storage, or dealer can sell them to you. In traditional casinos it is always better to buy chips in advance.

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