Online Bingo Game Rule

When you wish to find out how to play bingo, you are to start with the bingo game rule. Online bingo games are the easiest way to start playing bingo because as soon as you start playing you may learn the most basic bingo game rule and be a professional, like at any other game - blackjack, roulette or slots.

Peculiarities of Playing Bingo Online

In the online games player may select randomly the cards and purchase any quantity he wants. Each online bingo hall displays the called balls, the tickets and the pattern. Moreover, as a rule, most of online bingo casinos offer the auto-daub feature that lets you relax while the system daubs all the called numbers for you. In order to take advantage of the latest features at Bingo games, look for the best gaming halls from the casino listings that you can find at any informational gambling portal, including this one.

How to Play 75-ball Bingo

Each US bingo game is played with 75 balls that are picked out at random. The caller calls each picked out number one by one. The players are to mark the called numbers on their cards to complete the winning pattern. The winning pattern according to the bingo game rule can be chosen before the game starts and is announced before the numbers are taken out. The pattern may be a row or line in any direction, any symbol or digit. When one or more players complete the pattern they are to scream "Bingo!" before the next number is called.

Bingo Cards

A bingo card is a grid of 5 rows and 5 columns. All the columns are marked with the letters "B-I-N-G-O". The center of the card is an empty space that is marked as soon as the game starts.

  • the 'B' column may contain numbers from 1 – 15 ;
  • the 'I' column may contain numbers from 16 – 30 ;
  • the 'N' column may contain numbers from 31 – 45 ;
  • the 'G' column may contain numbers from 46 – 60 ;
  • the 'O' column may contain numbers from 61 - 75.

Each card is unique and the number may not appear on the same card twice.

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