Ken Uston - Career and Achievements

Ken Uston is undoubtedly a pioneer of blackjack, who is also considered as the real master in this field. Ken was born in the year 1935 in Maine and it was evident from the very beginning that he was very intelligent. He went to Yale at the mere age of 16 topped with an IQ of 169. Following this, he got his MBA from Harvard. His brilliant mathematical mind helped him secure a job in Pacific Stock Exchange, as the senior V.P. Ken Uston has also made tremendous contributions in bringing the professional players in the spotlight of the casinos.

His Career

To increase his skills and to know more, he got assistance from Al Francesco, which helped him know in-depth about card counting as well as make gambling his full profession. Eventually, Uston quit his full-time job and decided to play in the casinos in the Atlantic City after the legalization of the casinos in the year 1970. However, casinos soon uncovered his card-counting tactics and had been banned him from gambling in their casinos. But, the casinos failed to stop this strongly determined person.

Ken then tried his luck in a different city casinos with the goal to prove that the professional players must not be banned from the casinos, simply because they possessed more skills than any average player. To support his claim, he went to court. Fortunately, Ken succeeded as the Supreme Court of New Jersey ruled in his favor and it forever changed the way of professional gambling in casinos. Now, casinos can no longer ban professional players only because they play in such a good way that they beat all casino odds. The casinos retaliated to this ruling by the introduction of more decks in the games to make the strategies used by professionals ineffective.

After this success, Ken decided that he should pen all his experiences in a book, which was entitled "The Big Player". This book went on to become the bestseller for Ken Uston. It gave some lucrative tips and strategies to use in a game of blackjack.

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