Stanford Wong's Achievements

Stanford Wong, or John Ferguson, is undoubtedly the most celebrated name in the blackjack industry. He has been in the blackjack scene for a very long-time and now he even has a blackjack strategy with his name. He is the member of the prestigious Blackjack Hall of Fame named and is one of the most respected people in this field.

Stanford Wong's real name is John Ferguson, and the preceding name is simply an assumed name of him. John is a renowned gambling author, who was born at 1943. Since the very beginning as a child, John was drawn towards gambling. He started his career at six years of age, simply by playing Tic Tac Toe at which he never lost even once. John was certainly different than the other children, as he always opted for more effective ways to win the games.

Once he turned twelve, Ferguson focused on blackjack. Eventually, Ferguson began focusing more on the finding the odds of the game. Ferguson started off with a simple office calculator, while making himself accustomed to the various rules and regulations; at 21 he was ready to hit the casinos.

Blackjack Career

Ferguson began his professional career at 21 years of age, despite being an undergrad student in Stanford University. He later completed his undergrad course, besides getting a doctorate from the same university in statistics. Gambling became a normal thing for Ferguson and he ultimately took up gambling as a profession in the year 1976. During this time Ferguson was also tutoring finance to students in San Francisco and then he came up with "Professional Blackjack" in the year 1975, his 1st book based on gambling. The book went on to become a huge success and it became a good learning source for a lot of new blackjack players.

After the success of his book, he took up his assumed name of Wong. The story behind the transformation of his name is quite captivating, although Ferguson did not initially decide on this name when he started his career as a writer. At first, Ferguson wanted to take on the assumed name of Nevada Smith; however it was already in use. "Stanford Wong" was suggested by Ferguson's colleague, the name is a combination of the university's name and an oriental Asian name.

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