Blackjack Hall of Fame - Names

The hall of fame is a place, where the fans of the particular activity honor their prime representatives. The blackjack game is not an exception. It has its unique history and its famous heroes, so it is not weird that the blackjack game has its Hall of Fame.

Blackjack Hall of Fame

The place of honoring the most famous blackjack representatives appeared in recent years. The idea of its creating appeared in 2002. At first 21 outstanding professional gamblers, authors and experts were nominated for the first Blackjack Hall of Fame induction.
The decision was made after the month's voting in the Internet. And at last, in 2003 the first Blackjack Ball was organized by blackjack author Max Rubin. Only several experts were invited to this event and the first seven honorable members were nominated.

Blackjack Hall of Fame Members

  • Al Francesco-the blackjack teams concept pioneer.
  • Peter Griffin - famous mathematician, who explained the blackjack strategy theory in his book "The Theory of Blackjack"
  • Arnold Snyder-the author and main editor of the Blackjack Forum. The former professional gambler.
  • Edward Thorp - American mathematician, the classic of blackjack literature, who was the first to create casino beating strategy, described in the book "Beat the Dealer".
  • Stanford Wong -the "wonging" blackjack strategy author and developer.
  • Tommy Hyland - a person, who managed one of the most continuous blackjack team activities in history.
  • Ken Uston - one of the professional blackjack gamblers and authors, famous for his taking the Atlantic City casinos and struggle for the card counters' rights.

In 2004-2005 two other members were invited to the Blackjack Hall of Fame. The first one was Max Rubin for the media reporting of events. Keith Taft was inducted in 2004 too for his computerized devices helping to improve optimum play in blackjack.
2005 year if famous for inviting the Julian Braun (ha was the first to use the computers for analyzing of the blackjack statistics) and Lawrence Revere (a professional teacher). Each yean one new member is added to the list of the best blackjack players. Full list of all players who have honor to be mentioned there you can find at the official page of Blackjack Hall of Fame.

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