Federation of European Bingo Associations

In 2006, “The Europe Federation of European Bingo Associations” was created. The main objective of the association is to protect the rights of the players and manage the civil conditions in the industry. The European Parliament in Brussels created the association with the above mentioned mandate, as well as to promote the European bingo. The initial members of the association were the “Spanish Confederation of Organizations of Bingo Games Managers” and the “Bingo Association of the UK”. Afterwards, other European bodies such as “Irish Star Bingo Group”, Italian association named “Federbingo” joined the group. It is stated that the organizations would work effectively together rather than working alone.

The “Federation of European Bingo Associations” that is situated in Brussels has objectives of:

Maintaining social and professional interests of the members of the European Union; Manage the information flow between the members by being the channel of communication or the members; Preserve the concerns of the bingo industry that may come up periodically.

The Bingo Associations around the world

There was no one worldwide body that regulates the bingo industry. There are fragmented bodies that have different rules and regulations for their location and members. This condition released many problems and conflicts inside the industry and as a result the bingo players were deluded.

The Professional Bingo Players Association was created in Ohio during 1984 by wealthy businessmen and in a short time they were able to register more than 2,400 members. Each member had to pay 25 USD for the membership, the membership comprised bingo bag, the member card, newsletter, bumper sticker, also key ring and a leaflet that had rules of the game. However, it was suspected by the police that the aim of this group had outlaw issues and it was soon confirmed. By the 1991, the “Professional Bingo Association” was demolished completely with no signs, except the tickers and key ring, leaflets and membership cards that were totally useless.

There are number of associations, parties and communities in the bingo industry, but none of them are authoritative regulative bodies. Some of them just maintain commissions through their website and ads, while there is a website that only sells software for the bingo site development.

For instance, the “National Bingo Association” in UK has 300 clubs all around the country. The association with partnership of “BingoAssociation” provides financial support for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. But they have nor regulatory authority to reign the bingo industry in UK.

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