Bingo-like Games: Loteria and Lottso

Bingo is an awesome game and it is no wonder people are always searching for bingo like games that can give them a similar or a much better experience like bingo. Whether you want to try a game which is quite similar to bingo or simply a game with a similar concept but some special twist here and there, you should try playing either Loteria or Lottso. Let’s start with Loteria, which is a Mexican version of bingo. This game of chance however uses images on card decks rather than the plain numbers as in typical bingo.

Each image has its name and is assigned a specific number but this number is normally ignored. A player is provided at least with one table and a board having pictures that are created randomly with corresponding numbers and name. A player gets to choose the tabla he or she wants to play with and each comes with different image selection. The word Loteria is Spanish and means lottery and the game is played with 54 cards that are broadly and traditionally recognized all over Mexico. Images depicted on the cards are iconic in the Mexican culture but has over the years gained a lot of popularity all over the world. Actually, you really don’t have to be a Mexican in order to try out this game because just like bingo, it attracts players from all over the world.

Another very popular game that has great similarities to bingo is Lottso, a game offered by Basically, this game is a unique blend of a lottery and bingo and its outcome is decided upon by luck even though players tend to develop some strategies to better their odds of winning the game. A few players usually play Lottso at a time and the number can vary from 2 and 20. However, players can as well opt to play the game solely. But unlike bingo where one number can actually be played on the cards a player playing, players can only play a ball once in Lottso. This means that players can utilize many strategies in the game.

To win the game, it is essential that a player knows about cards with more points and endeavor to clear them first. As you can see, both Lottso and Loteria borrow a lot from bingo especially when it comes to the general game play.

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