Slots Etiquette Rules

Slot player etiquette is integral part of the successful slots gambling. Sticking to the appropriate procedures and slot player etiquette norms, the gamers can get even more fun and entertainment.
In order to learn how to play slot machines, it is essential to get familiarized with the slot player etiquette at first.

Coin cup on the seat

Traditionally, the coin cup that was left on the seat near the slot machines can signal that the following slot machine is actually occupied by another slot gamer. Simply, the gamer can go out to the bathroom, for change or to take a drink, etc.
It is interesting to find out that at casinos that possess the slots that are coinless, the gamers in the same situation may simply leave their personal stuff by slots in order to show that it is played and the gamer will soon be back.
In addition, in the other casinos if the break is needed, the slot attendant can help the gamer and take care of his seat and stuff for a while.

Playing several slots at once

Some gamers like to occupy several slot machines simultaneously. However, it is quite hard to realize in the crowded periods. That is why it is essential to let the other play if there are a lot of people willing to play at slots.
It is interesting to know that some casinos put the signs in the slots halls with inscription: “One machine for the player!” It is important to respect the other gamers looking for the slot machine game and be able to give ways for gambling in crowded periods.

Slot club cards left in the slots

There are some cases, when the gamers can forget their slot club cards inserted in the slot machine. It is traditional to retrieve the card and put it on the slots top. Traditionally, the gamers that forget their cards come back to find it. By means of putting it on the top, it is possible to safe time of the other gamers, for them not to stand in queue to get another slot card.

Smoking issues

It is known to be the controversial issue with casinos. Anyway, if the gamers smoke, they must have an ashtray in order not to litter. Generally, it must be placed in such a way as not to annoy the other gamers, alongside the smoking cigarette or cigar.

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